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dsrpdb::Residue_data Namespace Reference

Detailed Description

This namespace holds the data for initializating residue data.


struct  Amino_acid_data
 This structure is used to store the bonds and atoms in each residue type. More...
class  Atom_data
 This is the mapping between strings dsrpdb::Residue::Atom_label and dsrpdb::Atom::Type. More...
struct  Residue_init_data
 This structure is used to initialize the per-residue atom and bond data. More...
struct  Atom_fallback_data
 This struct is used to map between alternate names of atoms. More...


typedef std::pair< Residue::Atom_label,


void initialize ()


Atom_data clean_atom_name_data_ []

Typedef Documentation

typedef std::pair<Residue::Atom_label, Residue::Atom_label> dsrpdb::Residue_data::Possible_bond

A bond which might be in the residue.

Bonds might not be there due to missing atoms.

Definition at line 14 of file Residue_data.h.

Variable Documentation

Atom_data dsrpdb::Residue_data::clean_atom_name_data_[]

This is the mapping between atom string names in the pdb and atom labels.

See to change this.