Gaurav Garg
gaurav garg


Interactive Design of Multi-Perspective Images (2004 - Present)

Multi-perspective images are a useful representation of extended, roughly planar scenes such as landscapes or city blocks. However, constructing effective multi-perspective images is something of an art. We are working on an interactive system for creating multi-perspective images composed of serially blended cross-slits mosaics. The figure on left explains how two cross-slit mosaics can be blended using another cross-slit camera between them. The image on the right shows an example of one such muti-perspective image generated using our system. Note that the parallel walls of the alley vanish at a point although there is no single perspective in the image.

Digitizing Commercial Cityblocks (2003 - Present)

We address the problem of digitizing commercial cityblocks. The picture on the left shows our acquisition setup consisting of a high speed video camera streaming directly to a PC. The sytem captures side-ways looking videos of cityblocks from a moving vehicle. We then generate high resolution, high dynamic range panoramas of the scene from the captured imagery. The image on right is one such panorama created using our system (cropped and low-resolution for fitting in the browser).

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