Gaurav Garg
gaurav garg


In my spare time, I enjoy cricket and rock climbing. I play cricket with the Stanford Cricket Club. The club takes part in the NCCA League. Stanford has a great climbing wall which provides a great opportunity for practicing climbing. I am also always interested in hiking and backpacking trips. I spend my remaining time with friends debating (in truth arguing and smack-talking) on topics all and sundry.


I have made a whole bunch of friends right from my grade school to graduate school. Some of them even go by names, like my dormmates at IIT, Delhi who call themselves bhoots (aka ghosts), my Indian friends gang at Stanford called champavati (based on title of an old Hindi song) and more recently my labmates in Graphics Lab at Stanford who go by gslackers (aka graphics slackers). Here is a list (incomplete) of some of them who have webpages.

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