katherine breeden

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I graduated! You can now find me at Harvey Mudd College.

From 2009 to 2017 I was a PhD student in Computer Science at Stanford University, where my advisor was Pat Hanrahan. I did my undergraduate degree at Caltech, where I studied under Mathieu Desbrun in the Applied Geometry Lab. Go Beavers! I am currently investigating the features of traditional 2D cinema that influence saccadic motion of the human eye. My other research interests include applied geometry and advanced sampling methods.


Gaze Data

Katherine Breeden and Pat Hanrahan. Gaze Data for the Analysis of Attention in Feature Films. ACM Transactions on Applied Perception (SAP 2017). Project page containing code and gaze data.

Katherine Breeden and Pat Hanrahan. Analyzing Gaze Synchrony in Cinema: A Pilot Study. Proceedings of the ACM Symposium on Applied Perception (SAP 2016 p129 and poster session).

Gaze Synchrony
Polyhex Tiles F. Wachtel, A. Pilleboue, D. Coeurjolly, K. Breeden, G. Singh, G. Cathelin, F. de Goes, M. Desbrun, V. Ostromoukhov. Fast Tile-Based Adaptive Sampling with User-Specified Fourier Spectra. ACM Transactions on Graphics 33(4). (SIGGRAPH 2014) Project page with code, descriptive video, and supplementary materials.

P. BĂ©nard, F. Cole, M. Kass, I. Mordatch, J. Hegarty, M. Senn, K. Fleischer, D. Pesare, K. Breeden. Stylizing Animation By Example. ACM Transactions on Graphics 32(4). (SIGGRAPH 2013)

Stylized Animation
Factor graphs Y. Yeh, K. Breeden, L. Yang, M. Fisher, P. Hanrahan. Synthesis of Tiled Patterns using Factor Graphs. ACM Transactions on Graphics 2013 32(1).
F. de Goes, K. Breeden, V. Ostromoukhov, M. Desbrun. Blue Noise through Optimal Transport. ACM Transactions on Graphics 31(6) (SIGGRAPH Asia 2012). Project page with full code and additional results. Pears
Bone JW Ager, RK Nalla, KL Breeden, RO Ritchie. Deep-Ultraviolet Raman Spectroscopy Study of the Effect of Aging on Human Cortical Bone. J. Biomedical Optics, Vol. 10(3) May 2005.