Pictures from bike trips - San Mateo County (page 2)

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I have too many pictures of San Mateo County to fit on a single web page. See also San Mateo County, page 1 .

the view from the top of San Bruno Mountain, looking north into San Francisco.

The view from the top of San Bruno Mountain, looking northeast towards SF, the bay, and Candlestick Park.

The view west from San Bruno Mountain, to Colma (which has more people underground than alive), Daly City, and the Pacific Ocean.

This is my friend Kinshuk, at the intersection of Skyline and Kings Mountain Road. When we heard that it was snowing on local mountaintops, I convinced him to ride up there with me, despite the cold weather. When we finally reached the snow, he got his revenge by throwing this snowball at me. :-)

Snow on the wall at Skegg's Point parking lot on Skyline. There are two mini-snowmen in this picture. They are both named Waldo, so you must look hard to find them. :-)

This is the old ranch house and tool shed at Murray Ranch Park, outside of Half Moon Bay. My grandparents were tenant ranchers for Burleigh Murray, and they raised my dad and his two brothers in this house. When Mr. Murray died, his will donated the ranch to the state, to create a park. The yellow car belongs to the park caretakers that live in the house now.

This is the old barn at the Murray ranch. The buildings have begun to sag under the weight of time, and the plants have moved in, but the ranch has not changed much since my grandparents moved out 20 years ago.

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