Leslie Wu

CS PhD[candidate] at Stanford University.

Drop me a line at lwu2@cs,stanford.edu

Research Projects

Interactive Cognitive Aids:
Maintaining Shared Mental Models in Anesthesia Crisis Care with Nurse Tablet Input and Large-screen Displays

Leslie Wu, Jesse Cirimele, Stuart Card, Scott Klemmer, Larry Chu, Kyle Harrison.
[www] -- 2011, 2012, 2013

Healthy Habits Coach:
Putting Triggers in the Path of Social Media with Chrome-Facebook Extensions

Leslie Wu, Neema Moraveji
[www], [slides] -- 2010


No Code Required:
Giving Users Tools to Transform the Web

Chapter by Bjoern Hartmann, Leslie Wu, Scott Klemmer
(editors: Allen Cypher, Mira Dontcheva, Tessa Lau, Jeffrey Nichols)
[www] -- 2010

Tabular Sensemaking with on-demand Mashups

Leslie Wu, Sharon Lin
[www], [video] -- 2010

Slider-based Foot Input Devices:
Methods for Stand-up Mousing

Leslie Wu
[PDF] -- 2010

Imprecise Input in a Precise World:
Imprecise Interaction Techniques for Keyboards

Neema Moraveji, Björn Hartmann, Leslie Wu, Akshay Kothari
UIST Student Innovation Contest Entry -- 2009

Interactive Visual Exploration of Wikipedia Data via Search-Based Integration

Bryan Chan, Leslie Wu, Justin Talbot, Mike Cammarano, Pat Hanrahan
[www] -- 2008/2009

Visual Representations of Credibility on Wikipedia:
Less is More

Jessica Richman, Leslie Wu
[PDF] -- 2008

Programming by a Sample:
Rapidly Creating Web Applications with d.mix

Björn Hartmann, Leslie Wu, Kevin Collins, Scott R. Klemmer
[www], [slides] -- 2007

Combinatorial Group Testing for Software Integration

Leslie Wu
[slides] -- 2007

Remixing the Web:
Tailoring Applications using Programmable Proxies inside Web Browsers

Leslie Wu, Joel Brandt, Scott R. Klemmer
[PDF] -- 2007

Social Values at the Interface:
Toward "Just" Human-Computer Ranking Designs at Scale

Leslie Wu
[PDF] -- 2007