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I have a resume (last updated early 2001) in Word | PDF | HTML formats. It's not up to date; I'm not currently job hunting (I'm happily employed at VMware).

(All past, because I finally graduated! But when I was at Stanford, here's what I did:)


Images and assignments done for CS 248: Introduction to Graphics, a course I took Winter 1998.

Jeremy Ginsberg and I wrote a prize-winning raytracer for CS 348b: Image Synthesis Techniques, a course we took Spring 1998. Here is Jeremy's much-improved writeup of our project, with sample images and descriptions, and here is the (bare-bones) writeup we submitted for the assignment (under severe sleep deficit at the time!).

I was part of a group which wrote a report on Repercussions of Digital Technology on Artistic Media for  CS 201: Computers, Ethics, and Social Responsibility, a course I took in Spring 2000.

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If you're interested in stuff I've done that isn't related to school and/or coursework, please visit one of the following.

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