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About me:

Currently I am working at NVIDIA Corp. as a 3D Architect at Santa Clara, CA.

I was MS student at Stanford University in EE department. Some of the work I did their was High Dynamic Range Imaging with Prof. Marc Levoy  and realistic rendering project  nighttime snow on trees which won the best rendering prize in rendering competition, 2003. [A trip to Siggraph2003]

Before that I was working at Tokyo with a computer vision start up Gentech Corp. for last one and half year. Other than the exciting work at Gentech, Japanese food and Aikido kept me so long in Japan:) 

I went to Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel for my summer internship, where I worked in vision lab with Prof. Shmuel Peleg. My work is being used in start up HumanEyes . You can see some cool panoramas at demos.


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