Paloma Concert Valor - Part II

Carlton Bailey cooly drove up to the crub in front of Paloma's apartment in his superfly mobile, a red '71 Chevelle so altered it looked like a brand new red Mita convertible ("what's the point then?"). The top was down as he smoothly parked.

"FUCK!" he shouted as he hit the curb and heard his hubcap fall off. "Shit! Third time this month, God damn it!" he said as he slammed his door to put it back on. He normally wasn't this clumsy. Actually, come to think of it, he was. Ok, so he was naturally clumsy.

He walked to the door of Paloma's apartment. The apartment looked unusally dark and he looked at his watch to make sure he was on time. Yep, 7:58pm. He was actually early, he smiled, proud of himself. "Paloma always says I'm late, ha ha," he thought to himself. He rang the doorbell.

Paloma parked in front of Bailey's apartment at 7:59pm.

SHIT! Bailey was sure the she said that he was going to pick her up, and now he wasn't so sure. DAMN DAMN DAMN he thought as he ran to his car. He was quickly convincing himself that she had said that she would pick him up.

Paloma rang Bailey's doorbell.

Bailey jumped into his car.

Paloma rang again.

Carlton performed the ever-so-popular-when-you're-in-a-hurry "rolling stop" at a deserted intersection.

Paloma was waiting in her car listening to the radio when Carlton arrived. When he got to her car, she looked at her watch, 8:10pm, and said "On time, as always."

Carlton got into the car and said, "I thought that I was suppose to pick you up, sorry. Did you make reservations?"

"Yep. Don't worry. We have plenty of time. The reservations are for 8:15."


"It's ok, I figured you'd be late so I made the reservations for 8:30. You look a little hot and sweaty. Are you sure you're late because you thought you were suppose to pick ME up?" Paloma gunned it and they sped away.

Part III

- 7/17/95 -