CS 348b

Computer Graphics: Image Synthesis Techniques

Pat Hanrahan


Final Project and Rendering Competition; proposal is due on Friday, May 25th, project on Friday, June 8th.


This course provides a broad overview of the theory and practice of rendering. Classic rendering algorithms will be covered, however, most of the course will cover current methods and algorithms for physically-based rendering.

Lecture Schedule

All lecture slides will be placed online the night before class. Please try to do the readings in advance. Note: these lecture slides were not designed to be self-explanatory. I write on the slides and add a great deal of material during class.

Apr 3 The Goals of Rendering
Apr 5 Ray Tracing I: Basic Algorithm, Ray-Surface Intersection
Apr 10 Ray Tracing II: Acceleration Techniques
Apr 12 The Light Field
Apr 17 Light Sources and Illumination
Apr 19 Cameras and Film
Apr 24 Sampling and Reconstruction: Filtering, Aliasing and Antialiasing
Apr 26 Monte Carlo Integration I
May 1 Monte Carlo Integration II
May 3 Reflection Models I: BRDFs, Diffuse
May 8 Reflection Models II: Glossy
May 10 Texture and Materials
May 15 Participating Media and Volumetric Scattering
May 17 Light Transport and the Rendering Equation
May 22 Monte Carlo Methods I: Path Tracing
May 24 Monte Carlo Methods II: Irradiance Caching and Photon Maps
May 29 Radiosity
Jun 5 Current Topics in Rendering (Optional)




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