CS 348C Registration

CS 348C - Modeling in Computer Graphics
Fall quarter, 1995
Coordinator: Apostolos Lerios

When deciding whether you would like to take the class for 1 or 3 units, you should consult the course requirements first. When choosing topics that interest you, you probably want to peruse the class readings. At the time of registration, the course reader is not available yet; however, the proposed readings on the topics list, and the recommended references to geometric modeling are available on reserve in the Math and Computer Science library.

If more than 27 students submit this form, the most experienced students who definitely plan to take the class for 3 units will be given the highest priority. Soon after all students have submitted their forms, I will send out notifications to let you know whether you made it to the enrollment list, or not.

This form complements, but does not supercede, class registration via AXESS.

Personal data

Name (first name first):
Stanford University ID:
Department or major:
Degree and year:
Email address:
WWW home page, if any:

Computing background

Have you ever used a Silicon Graphics workstation?
Have you ever programmed in Open Inventor?
Have you ever programmed in GL or OpenGL?
Have you ever programmed in C?
Have you ever programmed in C++?

Chances are...

Probability you will take CS 348C (enter a real number from 0.0 to 1.0):
Probability you will take CS 348C for 1 unit:
Probability you will take CS 348C for 3 units:

Preferred topics

List the five topics from the topics list that interest you the most, using the codes listed by the topic names. Your favorite topic should be listed first.


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