CS 348C: Modeling in Computer Graphics

Fall 1995; Not offered Fall 1996

CS 348C has traditionally been a cooperative reading class, where students and coordinator explore an area of computer graphics. This year, CS 348C comprises a mixture of (1) lectures by the coordinator, covering the essentials of geometric modeling, and (2) cooperative reading and student presentations on the modeling of natural phenomena.
  1. The first part of the class covers material usually taught in CS 348A, a class not offered this year. In particular, we primarily cover representations of curves using Bézier curves and splines; we also discuss rational curves and NURBS, surface representations, wavelets, and quaternions. Short programming and/or written assignments, and hands-on use of custom class software and the SoftImage 3D modeling and animation system are used to visualize the mathematical theory of splines.
  2. The second part of the class covers the modeling of select natural phenomena and processes. We are concentrating on recent work (from SIGGRAPH '93 and later) on topics such as Students study individual topics and present representative papers to the rest of the class. Also, a programming project provides the opportunity for in-depth exploration of a student-chosen topic. Finally, a field trip to Pacific Data Images brings the students in contact with a commercial application of the material covered in class.

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