Lecture notes

Here are the lecture notes for the 2001 version of Marc Levoy's CS 99D (The Science of Art) (with corrections made during the 2003 version of the course). Click here for a course outline. Unless otherwise noted, the illustrations and quotes cited in these notes can be found in the books listed in HO #2. These notes are copyrighted (see at bottom). You are welcome to read them, pass them on (with credit, please), or use them as a guide for preparing your own lecture material. However, do not mirror them or print hardcopies of them except for personal use. Also keep in mind that they are an instructor's personal lecture notes, not a monograph. As such, they are terse, informal, and not guaranteed to be correct. Corrections and suggestions are welcome.

January 9 Introduction
Topic 1: Perspective
January 11 Perspective through the Renaissance
January 16 The geometry of perspective
January 18 Perspective after the Renaissance
January 23 The structure of intellectual revolutions
Topic 2: Illustration
January 30 Anatomy and landscape
February 1 The physical sciences
February 6 Computed-aided illustration
Topic 3: Light and Shadow
February 13 Light sources and reflection
February 15 Shadow, interreflection, perception
February 20 Light and shadow in art
February 22 Digital image synthesis
Topic 4: Color
March 1 Color theories through 1800
March 6 Modern color theory
March 8 Color in art
March 13 Wrapup

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