3D Painting on Scanned Surfaces

Maneesh Agrawala <maneesh@pepper.stanford.edu>
Andrew C. Beers <beers@cs.stanford.edu>
Marc Levoy <levoy@cs.stanford.edu>


1. Introduction

2. System Configuration

3. Data Representation

4. Methods

4.1 Object--mesh registration

4.2 Painting

4.3 Brush effects

4.4 Combating registration errors

5. Results

6. Future Directions

7. Conclusions

8. Acknowledgments

We would like to acknowledge the many individuals who helped us with this project. In particular we would like to thank Greg Turk for his insightful discussions and for providing meshes for us to paint. George Dabrowski and Michael Zyda especially encouraged us to develop this project. Bill Chapin, Nat Bletter and Dan Goldman wrote the original interface for the Polhemus tracker. Alan Baronkey and Bill Chapin provided access to crucial hardware required for this project. Finally we would like to thank Lincoln Hu for giving us permission to use the physical model of the wolf head created by Industrial Light and Magic.