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Joystick Sign Up

You can pick up joysticks on the days listed below. We have 8 joysticks to hand out during each period.

We have

  • 6 generic gamepads (2 analog sticks + 1 dpad + lots of buttons)
  • 1 XBox controller (same as above, may require driver installation)
  • 1 Joystick (only has analog stick and buttons)

If you have a problem with the pickup or dropoff time (e.g. have class during both times), let us know and we can work around it. However, we'll only allow later pickup and earlier drop off!

To sign up, edit this page and place your name on the list for the day you want to get a gamepad. If you are looking specifically for the joystick or the XBox controller, add that information in parentheses next to your name.

And of course its fine to share with a friend if your schedules match, but whoever signs out the joystick is responsible for returning it.

Day 1

Note that this group gets the controllers for the entire weekend.

Pick Up Times: Friday Feb. 2nd, 12-1pm
Pick Up Location: Ewen's Office (Gates 268)
Return Times: Monday Feb. 5th, 10-12pm
Return Location: Ewen's Office (Gates 268)

  1. Imran Haque
  2. Edmond Yap
  3. (Available)
  4. Patrick Stewart (joystick)
  5. Ryan Timmons
  6. Ryan Williams
  7. Eric Lovett
  8. (Available)

Day 2

Pick Up Times: Monday Feb. 5th, 12-1pm
Pick Up Location: Ewen's Office (Gates 268)
Return Times: Tuesday Feb. 6th, 11-12pm (or in class)
Return Location: Ewen's Office (Gates 268)

  1. Kyan Pardiwalla
  2. Patrick Stewart (joystick)
  3. Edmond Yap
  4. Darwin Lo (XBox controller)
  5. (Available)
  6. (Available)
  7. (Available)
  8. (Available)

Day 3

Pick Up Times: Tuesday Feb. 6th, 12-1pm
Pick Up Location: Ewen's Office (Gates 268)
Return Times: Wednesday Feb. 7th, 10-12pm
Return Location: Ewen's Office (Gates 268)

  1. Edward Suh
  2. Michael Smith
  3. Jean Yang
  4. Edmond Yap
  5. Paolo Bezoari
  6. Darwin Lo
  7. Jim Osial
  8. Patrick Stewart

Day 4

Pick Up Times: Wednesday Feb. 7th, 12-1pm
Pick Up Location: Ewen's Office (Gates 268)
Return Times: Thursday Feb. 8th, 11-12pm (or in class)
Return Location: Ewen's Office (Gates 268)

  1. Ben de Jesus
  2. Greg Goldgof
  3. Richard Luong
  4. Michael Smith
  5. Jim Osial
  6. Patrick Stewart
  7. Michael Pabst
  8. (Available)