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additionally   allowing   alpha   and   angle   Assignment1   available   be   bitwise   blue   buffered   by   callbacks   called   camera   case   clipping   color   configuration   constants   control   defines   Display   displayed   double   example   flow   Func   functions   gl   glut   green   handled   in   In   initializer   integer   Keyboard   location   Loop   made   Main   Michael   model   modifies   multipule   number   of   Open   or   Ortho   our   output   Pabst   parameter   pass   predefined   programmer   Question   red   region   render   Reshape   settings   specifies   standard   that   The   the   this   to   transparency   via   Viewport   where   width   window   within   you  



Question 1

The flow-of-control is handled via callbacks: the programmer specifies a number of functions that are called by glMainLoop() via, in our example, glutDisplayFunc(), glutReshapeFunc(), and glutKeyboardFunc().

Question 2

The integer parameter is the bitwise-or of a number of predefined constants, allowing you to pass multipule configuration settings to the initializer. In this case, GLUT_RGBA specifies that the window be a standard red-green-blue-alpha transparency color model, and GLUT_DOUBLE specifies additionally that this window's output be double-buffered.

Question 3

glOrtho() modifies the clipping region, i.e. the location, angle, and width of the camera. glViewport() defines where, within the window made available to OpenGL, the render is displayed.