Homework 1

Getting the software setup was a bit of a problem. I was trying to build on the Myth computers and had an extra line in my .cshrc file that prevented pbrt from building. Once I got that taken care of everything ran smoothly.

Picture 1

Had issues placing the light source so that the neck and background appear dark. Sufficient patience ultimately came close to the goal. It is still a bit darker at the chin-neck border than I would like, and the background is not evenly colored. I think the light might need to be moved forward a bit, but it is quite close as it is.

Picture 2

Had some issues figuring out the rotation coordinate system. Having done so, it was just an issue of correctly placing the light. This took a few iterations, but turned out fine in the end.

Picture 3

I spent a fair amount of time placing the lights correctly. I also tweaked the colors on the lights in order to achieve the appropriate balance between the main light and fill light.

Picture 4

On this one, I had light placement/angling and color issues as before. I also spent some deciding which of the light sources could be spot lights, and which ones had to be area lights. Ultimately, I decided that all of them except for the accent light had to be area lights. The three area lights take a while to render.

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