Subsurface Scattering

I tried to implement subsurface scattering using the “A Rapid Hierarchical Rendering Technique for Translucent Materialsby Henrik Wann Jensen and Juan Buhler. Unfortunately, I could not get it to work correctly. This is how I tried to implement it. First, to sample the points on the mesh, I tried using the point repulsion method described in theGenerating Textures on Arbitrary Surfaces Using Reaction-DiffusionandRe-Tiling Polygonal Surfacesby Greg Turk. This method proved to be hard to implement, difficult to debug, and time consuming. After talking with some classmates who were using the same paper, I found that you can just use the vertices of the polygon mesh weighted by the area. The second part of the algorithm, evaluating the diffusion approximation, was done by using a modified octree class. The values of the parameters for skin were taken fromReflection from Layered Surfaces due to Subsurface Scatteringby Pat Hanrahan and Wolfgang Krueger. In retrospect, I probably should have consulted others and asked for more help. I also shouldn’t have tried to design it in the most general way possible, but concentrate on making it work on one specific case at a time.

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