Homework 1

It takes too long time for me to set up. I thought I can work with linux and then I found a lot of errors. Thanks to Kayvon and Mang! However, still, I cannot run in the visual studio. I think I need spend more time to fix it!

For the Scene 1, one problem that I spent more time is the top of the head part. Until I didn't check shape function, I struggled with light to make the head smoothe; and of course it didn't work! From Scene 2, I should move the light so many places! Firstly, I just tried a lot of numbers then I realized that I need to rotate the light to a certain direction. I hope to have some program that I can adjust its position in 3D, so I can play around with that in real time. To run the pbrt, it takes too long for me to wait 20 seconds.

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