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I tried installing pbrt under Visual Studio 2005, but got lot of linking problems. Finally decided to work in the myth machines in sweet hall. Installing PBRT on those machines was pretty straightforward.

To quickly do the edit-render-see loop, I made a simple batch file. all the enviroment settings were done in .login file.

Configuration 1,2,3,4

Working around the lights needed the understanding of the coordinate system used by PBRT, still the effect of changing few parameters was not intuitive and few of the lights thus were difficult to get exactly right. Shadows on the face of the model were a big clue of how the lights should be placed. for example if the shadow under the nose of the model is symmetric, then the light is in the direction of the nose and slightly above it.

Images showing the individual lighting made it easy to get the lights in currect position. In all it was a pretty easy and quick to complete assignment.

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