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Final Project Proposal

The final project writeup can be found here: CrystalFong/FinalProject


Our goal is to render a scene containing a clownfish in a sea anenome. We hope to accurately reproduce the transparency of the fins, scales and anenome stalks. This is an interesting problem because of all of the different levels and types of transparency that are present in the clownfish and anenome. If done properly, the final images could be stunning. These are a few reference images:



For the body of the fish, we need to model the scales so that they appear 3 dimensional and can be given transparent and specular properties. This is a close up of fish scales which are similar to what we plan to model.
We plan to use an alpha map to create the texture in the fins. We plan on rendering the translucence of the fish using the thin film subsurface scattering technique. The sea anenome will be procedurally generated using a combination of sphere and cone objects that are perturbed in ways to make look more realistic. The surface will be rendered using the BSSRDF technique for thick objects. To create the effect of fluorescence in the anenome, we will modify the scattering algorithm to account for emission of light as well. Crystal will be in charge of procedurally generating the anenome and working on the BSSRDF subsurface scattering. Christina will be in charge of the fish and the thin-film scattering algorithm.