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CS348B Wiki

This is the course wiki for CS348B - Image Synthesis

Some results from last year's Rendering Competition:

lilypads caterpillar ice


  • Running assignment. For each lecture, you are required to comment on two slides. These comments must be added within one week of class.

    See the Guidelines for thoughts on good comments.

  • Assignment 4 is now online and is due on Friday May 18th!

  • Final Project instructions are now available. Proposals are due on Tuesday May 22nd. The rendering competition will be held on June 11th.







Apr 3, 5

The Goals of Rendering

Basic Ray Tracing Algorithms


Apr 10, 12

Acceleration Techniques



Apr 17, 19

The Light Field

Monte Carlo Integration I


Apr 24, 26

Cameras and Film

Monte Carlo Integration II


May 1, 3

Sampling and Reconstruction

Reflection Models I: BRDFs and Ideal Materials


May 8, 10

Reflection Models II: Glossy Materials



May 15, 17

Light Transport and the Rendering Equation

Monte Carlo Path Tracing


May 22, 24

Irradiance Caching and Photon Mapping

Participating Media and Volume Rendering


May 29, 31

Reflection Models III: Anisotropic and Translucent Materials

Current Topics in Rendering

June 11

Rendering Competition (Monday)



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