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add   Add   added   Additional   allowed   already   and   answer   asked   at   attend   be   before   but   by   class   comment   comments   confuding   course   derivastion   derivation   detail   discussing   discussion   during   each   enough   enter   entered   expand   Expand   for   formula   from   full   General   given   good   help   hints   how   important   in   Include   information   lecture   lectures   Look   make   material   must   need   of   Often   on   one   One   or   other   others   out   paragraphs   posed   presented   questions   read   readings   Record   relate   required   sentences   should   sketch   slide   slides   some   something   structure   students   substantative   that   the   there   These   thoughts   to   To   two   upon   use   was   we   week   will   within   You   you   your   Your  


It is important to attend the lectures and read the readings. To help structure your thoughts, we will use the wiki for discussing the lectures and readings.

You are required create to a substantative comment on each lecture in the course. One or two sentences are not enough. You need to add one or two paragraphs.

These comments should be added to the slides for that lecture. These comments need to be entered within one week of the lecture. Look at the comments from other students before you enter your comment. Your information must expand upon the information already there.

Here are some hints on how to make a good comment:

  • Often the slides sketch out a derivation. Include a full derivastion of a formula on the slide.
  • Add detail that was presented in class, but is not on the slide.
  • Record questions asked during class. Expand upon the answer given in class.
  • Additional material from the readings that relate to a slide.
  • General discussion. Is something confuding to you? You are also allowed to answer questions posed by others in the class.