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about   Action   address   and   But   can   communication   contact   created   dislike   don   edit   else   everybody   favourite   for   good   home   If   in   itself   just   keep   Keep   like   links   list   looks   maybe   means   mind   my   nice   no   notes   now   number   of   or   other   others   page   pages   personal   phone   photo   place   problem   protected   public   publish   read   restricting   see   so   some   somewhere   sub   Template   template   that   the   thing   things   this   to   todo   use   usually   want   what   who   with   write   yet   You   you   your   yourself  


It looks like you have not created your personal home page yet.

A personal home page is a nice place to publish data about yourself, like:

  • who you are, what you do, what you like or dislike
  • your phone number, email address or other contact data
  • a photo of yourself

You also can use it to keep things for yourself (and maybe also for others), like:

  • your favourite links
  • your todo list
  • your notes

Keep in mind that the home page itself is usually public, everybody can read and also write it (and this is a good thing, see it as a means of communication with you). But you can also create protected sub-pages of it, so restricting access to some of your pages is no problem.

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