Course Schedule

Lecture topics, slides, and homeworks listed on future dates are likely to change as the course progresses.




Homework out

6/25/12IntroductionHomework 1: rasterization (written part; coding part)
6/27/12Rasterization: Points, lines, and triangles
6/29/12Transformations, homogeneous coordinates
7/2/12Basics of 3D renderingHomework 2: basic OpenGL (written part; coding part)
7/6/12The OpenGL pipeline
7/9/12Texture mapping, modern hardware/programmable shadersHomework 3: programmable shaders (written part; coding part)
7/13/12Guest lecture: Light and color (Qi-xing Huang, Geometric Computing Group)
7/16/12Guest lecture: Shading, texturing, and materials (Katherine Breeden, Computer Graphics Group)
7/18/12In-class midterm; covers all lecture material through 7/16/12
7/20/12Ray tracing
7/23/12Sampling and Fourier theoryHomework 4: ray tracing (written part; coding part)
7/25/12Geometric modeling
7/27/12Geometric modeling II; input and output technology
7/30/12Animation techniquesHomework 5: sampling and geometry (written part; coding part; original MLS paper)
8/1/12Introduction to image processing
8/3/12Image compression
8/6/12Video processing and compression; digital photographyHomework 6: image processing (written part; coding part)
8/8/12Typography and layout; game programming
8/10/12Introduction to vision
8/13/12Guest lecture: ILM's VFX pipeline and the future of performance capture
(Hao Li, Industrial Light and Magic)
8/15/12Final exam review
8/18/12Final exam (12:15pm to 3:15pm)