Assignment 5: Still Life
Wajahat Qadeer: Heart Ring
This picture was lit from behind by a torch. To be extra corny I used a dictionary with the ring setup right next to the word love :). If you zoom in you will be able to see it. Due to the directional nature of the torch, there was minimum light spill. Plus I metered for the torch light which helped me throw the rest of the scene into darkness.
I have seen this kind of pic many times but I didn't know how it could be taken but it was fairly easy and after just a few tries I was able to get a successful shot. I was not paying attention to my shutter speed and I thought it would be difficult to take this shot in room light but after looking at the settings now I feel I should have used a smaller aperture and could have even dropped down the ISO a bit.
Smaller aperture would have kept the dictionary in focus more which might have been more interesting and lower ISOs would have helped with noise. You must have guessed by now that I was using aperture priority while I should have been doing manual exposure because that would have allowed me to forcefully register that my shutter speed was toooo high.
In any case, the light had to come from behind to make the heart that is why the torch is there, plus dictionary was added to make the heart stand next to the word love. I didn't do much in photoshop except to bring out the contrast and deepen the shadows a bit to make the shadow heart as well as the faint one being formed by the light stand out. No other processing was performed.
This pic meets Requirement 5: Portrait of an Object
This pic also meets Requirement 1: Background and Requirement 2: Lighting
Meredith: Love it! : ) The print is a little small in the dictionary, but if you blow this up (do I hear 20x30"?) it would be cool to be able to read the entries!
CChen: nicely done!! I like how the light also makes a heart shape around the shadow
Eddy: Often done or not, it works very well here - the double heart-shape and all. Well-done lighting and mood.
Wajahat: Thank you guys!!
To Meredith: 20x30 - that will be huge :)
CChen: Thanks to the directional light of the LED torch I was able to see two heart shapes.
Eddy: I always wanted to control the light spill from a flash but the torch works wonderfully if all we need is directional light.




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