Assignment 6: Landscapes and Nature
Chris Alika Ah New
This photo satisfies requirements 1 (S-Curve) and 5 (golden hour). This photo was taken about an hour before sunset, so the grazing light was lighting up the plants and the wooden fence pretty nicely. The s-curve of the path leads from the viewer up to the top of the hill. This, along with the fence gives the photo a sense of depth, since it goes from the foreground all the way back to the top of the hill.
The clouds in the sky looked really nice that day, so I wanted to have the horizon pretty low to place more sky in the picture. Right now, the path and the fence (along with the gradient of the sky and the lines from the clouds) lead the viewer from the foreground to the horizon at the right of the photo. This photo is actually a panorama made up of two photos. I should have taken one more photo to the right of this, so that I could show where the path leads to on the right.
I used ISO 80 for low noise, aperture f/8 for large depth of field and exposure 1/125 seconds. I wasn't very careful about turning the camera about it's point of perspective, since I didn't plan on using these two photos as a panorama. When I put the photos together in photoshop, part of the fence didn't line up well. I used the healing tool to fix this. I also used a mask to increase the contrast and decrease the brightness of the sky. This brought out the clouds in the sky.
I also increased the contrast of the foreground slightly and also increased the saturation of the whole picture slightly. I wanted the sky to look really nice.
Jennifer: nice detail in the sky




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