Assignment 4: Architecture and Interiors


Brandon Herzog: medical center part 1


-Requirement 1: Vertical vanishing point & Requirement 4: Repeating patterns-

Part one of a two-part series focusing on the rather obvious and strange patterns at the Stanford Medical Center. This one uses a strong vertical vanishing point tracing the pillar and wires holding the strange object on the left.

Middle of the day so used ISO200. When I took this picture I wanted the orb on the left out of focus slightly so that the focus of the picture was the patterns on the wall, so I opened the aperture wide to f5 and let metering take care of the shutter speed. After looking at the picture, I wish I had used a smaller aperture so that the entire shot was in focus.

In this and the next picture I wanted to simply focus on the surreal bits of architecture around the med building by creating compositions featuring only small portions of the building out of context of the larger structure.

I decided the muted orange color of the building detracted from the sharp lines of the patterns in the wall, so I converted the image to black and white in Photoshop and boosted the contrast.

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