Assignment 4: Architecture and Interiors


Garner Kropp: Requirement #5 - Interior panorama


f/4, 1/13 @ 10mm

This was the hardest part of the assignment. I found a section in the Boardwalk that I could only capture with panorama. In the arcade, there was this line with eighteen pinball machines surrounding you, which is a pretty overwhelming sensory experience. By getting it in a panorama, you get the full sense of just how lost in the color (and sound, if you can image all those pinball noises) you are at this spot.

Making it all happen in PS was actually much harder than I though. I thought I could eek out some straight lines and do the Perspective stitching, but because the lens was short and I was so close to the subjects, I guess that Cylindrical was the only way to go. I kind of like it, though - a double fisheye.

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