Assignment 6: Landscape


Whitney Walker: Texture - Rolling Hills


This photo was taken on my road trip down to LA with my boyfriend. The sun was approaching the Golden Hour, but was not quite there yet. But the angle that it hit the rolling hills show in the photo was interesting to me, so I wanted to capture it, especially in contrast with the texture of the clouds. The hills have a rolling, yet solid texture, but the clouds have a liquid-like swirling texture. I used a small aperture to get everything in focus, but was limited because the shutter speed had to be short enough to reduce handshake and motion blur due to being in a car moving at 70 mph. I felt I succeeded in framing the shot considering the limitations of the car window. When seeing the RAW data on my computer screen later, I realized it didn't capture the feeling I had quite right, so I fiddled with the contrast, brightness, and the curves overall to create this photo. I made sure to boost up the shadows to really emphasize the texture of the landscape, and that the blues of the sky were contrasted enough to show the texture there. No other post-image processing was done. This photo meets requirement 4 - textures.

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