CS348B: Computer Graphics: Image Synthesis Techniques


Lecturer: Matt Pharr (mmp at graphics.stanford.edu)

TA: Ian Buck (ianbuck at graphics.stanford.edu)

E-mail: cs348b-spr0203-staff@lists.stanford.edu

Time: 9:30-10:45am, Tuesday and Thursday

Place: 380-380X




April 9: Assignment 1 handed out!


April 10: lrt-MacOSX.tar.gz with patches for compiling lrt on OS X


April 24: Assignment 2 handed out!


May 13: Assignment 3 handed out!


May 16: Finsh project proposal instructions handed out!




This class provides a comprehensive introduction to modern rendering algorithms in computer graphics.  The primary focus will be physically-based approaches to rendering based on ray-tracing, though other approaches to rendering will be discussed as well.


Final Projects

Dale Neal: Glare

Augusto Roman: Bunnies

Eric Lee: Image-Based Lighting

Patricia (Sha Sha) Chu and Darren Lewis: Realistic Night Sky

Xiaohu Zhang (Tom): Soap Bubble

Anthony Sherbondy: Tissue Study

Pramod Kumar Sharma and Guillaume Poncin: Trees and Snow

Michael Turitzin and Jared Jacobs: Rendering Realistic Animal Fur

Stace Peterson: Spectral Wavelength Dependent Rendering

Jared Jackson: Parametric Geometry and Lighting

Andreas Edlund and Tim Chao: Grass and Fur

Huamin Wang: Subsurface Scattering

Ron Yeh and Doantam Phan: Renderin' (Pearl) Milk (Tea)

Walter Shen and Brendon Dixon: Glowing Animals

Neel Joshi and Dan Morris: Mengkudu Healthy Optic Simulation

Rene Patnode and Evan Parker: Ice Sculpture

Philip Beatty and Joong Ho (Johann) Won:  Modeling Translucent Objects using Subsurface Scattering

Jonathan Huang: Physically Based Rendering of Stone Statues with Translucence 


Additional Information


Lecture Schedule




          Assignment 1 handed out on April 9 (Due April 22)

          Assignment 2 handed out on April 24 (Due May 8)

          Assignment 3 handed out on May 13 (Due May 22)