CS 448A - Topics in Computer Graphics

Digital photography and image-based rendering

Student talks

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Tuesday, April 30

Thursday, May 2

Thursday, May 23

Tuesday, May 28

Final project presentations

2:45 Vaibhav Vaish Postcalibrating light fields
3:00 Billy Chen Autostereoscopic display using lens arrays
3:15 Jonathan Ragan-Kelley Uses of random pixel readout
3:30 Jason Anderson & Gaurav Garg Photographed multi-perspective panoramas
3:45 Dzintars Avots Automatic removal of foreground picture elements
4:00-break (refreshments provided)-
4:15 Mike Houston Aperture-based high dynamic range imagery
4:30 Leslie Ikemoto A new tone mapping operator
4:45 Farhan Zaidi and Irfan Zaidi Spatially varying exposure, LCIS tone mapping
5:00 Monica Goyal Combining demosaicing and geometric correction
5:15 Georg Petschnigg (under "Older Stuff") Multi-image photography