Teaching Team

    Name Email
    Instructor    Dr. Tolga Birdal    tbirdal@stanford.edu   
    Instructor    Ines Chami    chami@stanford.edu   
    Instructor    Prof. Leonidas Guibas    guibas@cs.stanford.edu   
    Course Assistant (TA)    Anthea Li    liyichen@stanford.edu   

Office Hours

  • Friday 9:00am-10:00am PST on Zoom

  • Class Times and Location

  • Monday 02:30pm-03:30pm on Zoom
  • Wednesday 02:30pm-03:30pm on Zoom

  • Course Websites

  • Class slides, homeworks, notes, and other important information can be found on the course schedule.
  • Questions and Answers can be posted on the course discussion board (Piazza).
  • Zoom links and course video recordings are available for registered students on the Canvas course page.
  • Homeworks and project reports will be graded through Gradescope. Please reach out to the course staff if you haven't received the code to register for CS468 on Gradescope.

  • Computing

    The course will use Python 3 and Jupyter for computing.


    Students will be evaluated according to University Assessment and Grading Practices Policy. The table below shows the weight of each assessment. Depending on the final grade, you will be receiving a passing or failing grade.

    Assessment Weight
    Assignment 1 15%
    Assignment 2 20%
    Assignment 3 20%
    Final project 40%
    In-class attendance and participation 5%


    Homework is posted every other Friday by 11:59pm PT, starting from the second week, with a total of three homeworks. Homweorks are due at 11:59pm PT on Fridays, two weeks after they are posted. Start working on the homework problems as soon as they are posted, and allow adequate time to complete them. Late homework will not be graded. There is no makeup homework. Students can work in groups of up to 3 students to discuss the high-level ideas of the homework questions. However, each student must complete his/her own writeup in order to receive grade for the course, and one must list the collaborators in the writeup if worked in groups. Homework must be submitted online on Gradescope. Any other submission types are not accepted. Please do not email homework to the course staff. Students may submit a single homework multiple times, before the due time Friday 11:59pm PT. For example, if there is a mistake in the first submission, students can correct it and resubmit the corrected version. The course staff will only grade the last version that is submitted before the deadline.

    Final Project

    Students will participate in a group project with 2-3 other students. The projects will be reviewed by the course staff, and the groups with the highest scores will be asked to make a short presentation of their results on the last day of class, for which they will receive extra credit on their final grade. The TAs or the instructor can provide possible datasets for use in these projects. Groups can also choose to find another dataset to work with. More details on the projects will be given in class. The structure for the project is as follows:

    Assessment Weight
    Project proposal (1 page) 5%
    Project report (8 pages, excluding code and references) 30%
    3 highest graded projects give a 10 min presentation each in class. up to +5%
    Answer to reviews 5%

    Course Policies

    Missed Work Policy

    Valid reasons for missing an assessment include: illness; injury; or other relevant personal issues. If an assignment due date is missed for a valid reason then your assignment will not be subject to a late penalty. Other reasons for missing an assignment due date, without documentation, will require prior approval by your instructor. If prior approval is not received and an assessment is not submitted on time then your assessment will be subject to a late penalty. If an oral presentation is missed for a valid reason then you may be given another opportunity to give your oral presentation (even if you were part of a group) provided that class or lab time is available, otherwise you will be required to submit a video of your presentation within one week of the presentation date. If an oral presentation is missed and you do not contact the professor with a reason, then a late penalty will be applied, and you will be required to submit a video of your oral presentation within one week of the missed due date.

    Classroom Behavior

    Learning is fun and we like to keep it that way. Hence, we stand against any inappropriate behaviour in class. It is appropriate to have our phones on silent and avoid talking, speaking out of turn, texting, browsing Instagram either on our phones or iPads. It also makes you cooler to follow the academic honor code (not to cheat) and to act respectfully to others and to us. Other than that, we encourage active participation in class. We value the individuals and topics dealing with race, color, national origin, sex, pregnancy, age, disability, creed, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, veteranstatus, political affiliation or political philosophy. Finally, let us be on time because we cherish the uninterrupted learning process of the others. We are here to help, so let us know for any inconvenience you have to face.


    We welcome student feedback regarding the course at any point. Please feel free to email us directly, or leave anonymous feedback for the course staff by placing an anonymous note in Dr Birdal’s mailboxes.


    The following people have contributed to the design of the course materials: Dr. Nina Miolane.