Brad's England Journal 


In January of 1996 I was selected as a 1996-1997 Rotary Academic Year Ambassadorial Scholarship winner. The scholarship covered all expenses to study, in my case, at the University of Birmingham for a year. This journal is a chronicle of that year.

Note that I have divided the journal entries up by month to make it easier to download. All of the segments also have photos, so the segments may take some time to download.  I have kept the embedded photos small (200 pixels on the largest side), but it downloads could still take a few minutes.  All of the photos are captioned, so to speed up downloads you could turn off picture loading, and then load only photos of interest.  Also, clicking on the photos with borders will take you to a larger full screen version.  Most of the full screen versions are designed to fit nicely into the Netscape browser window running on a 800x600 pixel screen.

Life in Birmingham

I've also put together a page about day to day life in Birmingham, the city I lived in for the year. It has photos and entries that are not time specific, but give something of a flavor of how I lived during the year in England.