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touchscreen accessibility

surfaces for productivity tasks

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space management

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My research on surface computing explores the use of horizontal interactive displays for a variety of entertainment, educational, and productivity applications. My Ph.D. dissertation, Supporting Effective Interaction with Tabletop Groupware, introduced novel interaction techniques and compared interface designs for supporting co-located group work around computer-augmented tables. Post-Ph.D., I continued to conduct surface research (though this is no longer my primary area of focus): key contributions include research on surface computing systems for productivity tasks, gesture elicitation methodologies, and touchscreen interactions that are accessible to blind users.

Teaching & Service

Jacob O. Wobbrock and I co-taught "Input and Interaction" at the University of Washington during spring quarter 2012. I served as program co-chair for the 2012 ACM conference on Interactive Tabletops & Surfaces (ITS 2012).

Research Projects

Touchscreen Accessibility

Surfaces for productivity tasks

Educational applications of surface computing

  • interfaces to promote equitable participation by students during educational group work [ IEEE CG&A paper ]
  • SIDES: a tabletop game for social skills development aimed at youth with Asperger's syndrome [ CSCW 2006 paper ]

Access control and coordination on multi-user surfaces

Space management on multi-user surfaces

  • Drawers: hybrid tangible/virtual storage spaces for interactive tables [ Ubicomp 2006 poster ]
  • TeamTag: a study comparing shared vs. distributed widget placement on tabletops [ CHI 2006 paper ]
  • Individual audio channels to provide private feedback [ CSCW 2004 paper ]

Gesture interfaces and methodologies

Miscellaneous surface computing projects