CS 348C Schedule

CS 348C - Modeling in Computer Graphics
Fall quarter, 1995
Coordinator: Apostolos Lerios

Lectures and presentations

Unless otherwise stated, the course coordinator lectures every Tuesday on geometric modeling. On Thursdays, students present papers on specific topics chosen from the topics list.

The overheads and notes used by the coordinator are available in gzip-compressed and uncompressed PostScript, in both one-overhead-per-page and four-per-page formats; the psnup utility, available in many platforms, may be used to make other combinations of multiple overheads on a single page.

The overheads used by the guest lecturer are available as on-line scanned images.

Thu 9/28, 2:00p - 3:00p, CIS 101
Course administration and overview:

Tue 10/3, 2:30p - 3:45p, CIS 101
Site notation, barycentric and homogenous coordinates:
Thu 10/5, 2:30p - 3:45p, CIS 101
Light bursts: lighting and fireworks: Alice Tull.

Tue 10/10, 2:30p - 3:45p, CIS 101
Representing and specifying polynomials, Bézier curves:
Thu 10/12, 2:30p - 3:45p, CIS 101
Plants and trees: Milton Chen, Anthony Ramirez.

Tue 10/17, 2:30p - 3:45p, CIS 101
Polar forms, homogenization, and the de Boor Algorithm:
Thu 10/19, 2:30p - 3:45p
Field trip to Pacific Data Images. Meet in front of CIS at 2:30p promptly. Directions from Stanford are available.

Tue 10/24, 2:30p - 3:45p, CIS 101
B-spline curves: Lyle Ramshaw (Guest lecturer).
Thu 10/26, 2:30p - 3:45p, CIS 101
Animal movement: James Kuffner.

Tue 10/31, 2:30p - 3:45p, CIS 101
Review and examples:
Thu 11/2, 2:30p - 3:45p, Hansen Experimental Physics Laboratory (HEPL) Conference Room
Light scattering: atmospheric and subsurface: David Hsu, Afra Zomorodian.

Tue 11/7, 2:30p - 3:45p, CIS 101
B-spline curve topics and rational curves (part I):
Thu 11/9, 2:30p - 3:45p, HEPL Conference Room
Fire and smoke: Andrea Rosso, Rob Engle, Jeffrey Chan.

Tue 11/14, 2:30p - 3:45p, CIS 101
Rational curves (part II), NURBS curves, tensor-product and NURBS patches and surfaces:
Thu 11/16, 2:30p - 3:45p, CIS 101
Unusual surfaces II: pearlescent surfaces: Lucas Pereira, Robert James Williamson.

Tue 11/21, 2:30p - 3:45p, CIS 101
Total degree patches and surfaces, and multiresolution analysis using wavelets:
Thu 11/23
No class.

Tue 11/28, 2:30p - 3:45p, CIS 101
Representing and specifying rotations, with emphasis on quaternions:
Thu 11/30, 2:30p - 3:45p, CIS 101
Animal skin: Komal Sethi, Sandeep Jain.

Tue 12/5, 2:30p - 3:45p, CIS 101
Odds and ends: glare effects and silver tarnish: Helios Tsoi, Gary Herman.
Thu 12/7, 2:30p - 3:45p, HEPL Conference Room
Drape of cloth: Larry Cutler, David Redkey.

Mon 12/11, 2:00p - 5:00p, Sweet Hall 029
Presentation of student projects to the class and outside guests.

Dates to remember

Fri 9/29, 5:00p
Registration form due.
Sat 9/30, 5:00p
Enrollment and assignment notifications mailed to students.
Thu 10/19, 2:30p
Short assignment 1 due.
Fri 10/20, 5:00p
Signups for project proposal meetings due.
Mon 10/23 to Thu 10/26
Project proposal meetings.
Tue 10/31, 2:30p
Written project proposal due.
Thu 11/16, 2:30p
Short assignment 2 due.
Fri 11/24, 5:00p
Signups for project progress meetings due.
Mon 11/27 to Thu 11/30
Project progress meetings.
Thu 12/7, 2:30p
Short assignment 3 due.
Wed 12/13, 5:00p
Project writeup due. Please drop off the printed document at the office of the course coordinator.

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