Course Outline

CS 448C - Appearance Models for Computer Graphics and Vision
Fall, 2000
Handout #1 - Course Outline


Pat Hanrahan
Gates Building, Room 370
(650) 723-8530
Henrik Wann Jensen
Gates Building, Room 362
(650) 725-3696
Jitendra Malik
Soda Hall, Room 725
(510) 642-7597
Steve Marschner
Gates Building, Room 362
(650) 723-7186

Teaching Assistant

Szymon Rusinkiewicz
Gates Building, Room 372
(650) 725-3708


Gates Building, Room 392, Wednesdays 3-6 pm

Course Structure

The course will run for 10 weeks, and will meet once per week. Each 3-hour meeting will be split into two parts, separated by a break. The first part of each class will be a technical lecture, given by the course instructors. The second half will be a discussion about a particular topic related to the appearance of real-world objects, led by one or more students from the class.

The current schedule for the technical lectures is as follows:

  1. Overview of appearance
    The BRDF
  2. Measurement I
  3. Measurement II
  4. Surface Reflection I: Rough surfaces, microfacet models, self-shadowing
  5. Surface Reflection II: Pitted surfaces
  6. Participating Media I
  7. Participating Media II
  8. Subsurface Scattering I: Kubelka-Munk, two-flux models
  9. Subsurface Scattering II: Hanrahan-Krueger model

Suggested topics for discussion and student presentation are:


The class may be taken for 1 or 3 credits. For 1 credit, each student will be expected to scribe one lecture and to lead a discussion topic. In addition, after each class students must write a short (10-line) description of possible research ideas or projects based on the papers/topics discussed.

For 3 credits, a final project is also required.


Each student will be expected to scribe (i.e. generate typeset lecture notes for) one of the technical lectures. In addition, everyone must serve as a designated reviewer for one other set of notes. The final notes will be distributed to the class, and will be made available on the web.

Templates, procedures, sample notes, and other scribing resources are available at