Course Schedule

Lecture topics, slides, and homeworks listed on future dates are likely to change as the course progresses. You can also check the course outline for more details about lecture plans.





Student notes


14/1/13Overview (Justin)Homework 1 out (problems; starter code)
24/3/13Differential geometry of curves (Adrian)Lecture supplement
34/8/13Discrete curves (Justin)
44/10/13Surface theory I (Adrian)
54/15/13Surface theory II (Adrian)Homework 1 due; lecture supplement
64/17/13Discrete surfaces (Justin)
74/22/13Extrinsic curvature (Adrian)Homework 2 out (problems; starter code); lecture supplement
84/24/13Computing curvature (Justin)
94/29/13Intrinsic geometry (Adrian)Lecture supplements: part 1, part 2
105/1/13Geodesic computation and applications (Justin)
115/6/13Differentiation (Adrian)Homework 2 due; homework 3 out (problems; starter code); lecture supplement
125/8/13Finite elements, constructing Laplacians (Justin)Project instructions
135/13/13Exterior calculus (Adrian)
145/15/13Discrete exterior calculus (Justin)
155/20/13Isometries, rigidity, and curvature (Adrian)Homework 3 due
165/22/13Isometry invariance and spectral techniques (Justin)Homework 4 out (problems; starter code)
5/27/13Memorial Day (no class)
175/29/13Surface deformation: Theory (Adrian)
186/3/13Surface deformation: Practice (Justin)
196/5/13Conformal geometryHomework 4 due
6/7/13Official final exam time (8:30am-11:30am)