Protecting 3D Graphics Content

David Koller and Marc Levoy, Stanford University

Communications of the ACM, 48(6):74-80, June 2005


Valuable 3D graphical models, such as high-resolution digital scans of cultural heritage objects, may require protection to prevent piracy or misuse, while still allowing for interactive display and manipulation by a widespread audience. This article considers some techniques for protecting 3D graphics content, and describes a remote rendering system that we have developed for sharing archives of 3D models while protecting the 3D geometry from unauthorized extraction. Additionally, we demonstrate how digitized 3D models can be used to generate accurate physical replicas of artworks such as Michelangelo's David.



The article as printed in the CACM issue (and in the PDF file above) contains some errors. These are corrected in the HTML version above. The errors we know about are:

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