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pdb Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
dsrpdb::Residue_data::Amino_acid_dataThis structure is used to store the bonds and atoms in each residue type
dsrpdb::AtomA class repesenting an atom
dsrpdb::Atom_coordinatesTake an atom label, atom pair and return the coordinates
dsrpdb::Residue_data::Atom_dataThis is the mapping between strings dsrpdb::Residue::Atom_label and dsrpdb::Atom::Type
dsrpdb::Residue_data::Atom_fallback_dataThis struct is used to map between alternate names of atoms
dsrpdb::Filter_iterator< It, Filter >Filters the iterator output
dsrpdb::Is_backboneReturn true if an atom is a backbone atoms
dsrpdb::Is_CAReturns true if an atom is a CA atom
dsrpdb::label< Type >
dsrpdb::labeled_index< Type >
dsrpdb::ModelA class representing a single model from a PDB file
dsrpdb::PDBA class for representing a whole PDB file with possibly several models
dsrpdb::PDB_index< Type >A class for representing indices in a pdb
dsrpdb::PointA class representing a geometric point
dsrpdb::Projection_iterator< It, Projector >Take an iterator which returns atoms and return their coordinates instead
dsrpdb::ProteinA class representing a single chain of a protein
dsrpdb::Protein::Atoms_iteratorAn iterator through the atoms of a dsrpdb::Protein
dsrpdb::Protein::Bonds_iteratorAn iterator through the bonds of a dsrpdb::Protein
dsrpdb::Protein::Const_atoms_iteratorAn iterator through the atoms of a dsrpdb::Protein
dsrpdb::ResidueThe class representing a residue
dsrpdb::Residue_data::Residue_init_dataThis structure is used to initialize the per-residue atom and bond data
dsrpdb::small_map< Key, Data >
dsrpdb::Squared_distanceA functor that computes the squared distance between two points
dsrpdb::TransformThis class provides a simple rigid transformation matrix
dsrpdb::YesFunctor that returns true