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dsrpdb::Atom Member List

This is the complete list of members for dsrpdb::Atom, including all inherited members.

Atom()dsrpdb::Atom [inline]
cartesian_coords() const dsrpdb::Atom [inline]
charge() const dsrpdb::Atom [inline]
charge_dsrpdb::Atom [protected]
coordinates_dsrpdb::Atom [protected]
element() const dsrpdb::Atom [inline]
element_dsrpdb::Atom [protected]
Index typedefdsrpdb::Atom
index() const dsrpdb::Atom [inline]
index_dsrpdb::Atom [protected]
occupancy() const dsrpdb::Atom [inline]
occupancy_dsrpdb::Atom [protected]
operator!=(const Atom &al) const dsrpdb::Atom [inline]
operator<(const Atom &o) const dsrpdb::Atom [inline]
operator==(const Atom &al) const dsrpdb::Atom [inline]
Residue classdsrpdb::Atom [friend]
segID_dsrpdb::Atom [protected]
segment_id() const dsrpdb::Atom [inline]
set_cartesian_coords(const Point &pt)dsrpdb::Atom [inline]
set_charge(const char *c)dsrpdb::Atom [inline]
set_element(const char *c)dsrpdb::Atom [inline]
set_index(Index i)dsrpdb::Atom [inline]
set_occupancy(float o)dsrpdb::Atom [inline]
set_segment_id(const char *c)dsrpdb::Atom [inline]
set_temperature_factor(float f)dsrpdb::Atom [inline]
set_type(Type t)dsrpdb::Atom [inline]
temp_factor_dsrpdb::Atom [protected]
temperature_factor() const dsrpdb::Atom [inline]
Type enum namedsrpdb::Atom
type() const dsrpdb::Atom [inline]
type_dsrpdb::Atom [protected]