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The Stanford StoogeBot

stooge \'st<u:>j\ n (ca. 1913) [origin unknown]
   1a: one who plays a subordinate or compliant role
       to a principal
   1b: PUPPET

The Stanford StoogeBot is a client-side proxy bot for use with id Software's Quake. The StoogeBot, which might be more accurately described as a "cyborg," combines the intelligence of a human player with the accuracy of a computer, allowing you to navigate and strategize while it aims and fires.

The resulting half-human, half-computer player can be extremely difficult to beat in deathmatch. It also makes a formidable opponent in Capture the Flag and an excellent sparring partner.

Because the StoogeBot is a client-side bot, you can use it on any Quake server that you normally play Quake on. The StoogeBot acts as a proxy, which means that it "sits between" your Quake client and the Quake server on which you want to play. You connect your Quake client to the StoogeBot, and the StoogeBot in turn connects to the Quake server.

The StoogeBot includes some features that make it easy to identify; it is also easy to ban the StoogeBot from your server if you prefer bot-free games.

In any case, we hope you get a kick out of the StoogeBot.