David E Jacobs


Office 3B-360
353 Serra Mall
Stanford University
Stanford, CA 94305

About Me

I'm a PhD candidate of computer science at Stanford University working in Marc Levoy's computational photography research group. I earned an MS in computer science at Stanford University in 2010 and a BS in electrical engineering and computer science at UC Berkeley in 2008. I expect to graduate from Stanford in December 2014 and am actively looking for industry research or engineering positions following graduation.


IEEE Workshop on Mobile Vision, in conjunction with CVPR 2014, June 2014.

Sung-Il Cho, Simon S. Gao, Anping Xia, Rosalie Wang, Felipe T. Salles , Patrick D. Raphael, Homer Abaya, Jacqueline Wachtel, Jongmin Baek, David E. Jacobs, Matthew N. Rasband, John S. Oghalai
PLoS One, July 2013.

Stanford Computer Graphics Laboratory Tech Report 2012-1, October 2012.

Stanford University Computer Science Tech Report CSTR 2011-03, September 2011.

SIGGRAPH Asia 2010, December 2010.

UIST 2010, October 2010.

SIGGRAPH 2010, July 2010.

SIGGRAPH Asia 2008, December 2008.


Winter 2012 - Computational Photography (CS478 at Stanford)
Spring 2011 - Digital Photography (CS178 at Stanford)
Winter 2010 - iPhone Application Programming (CS193P at Stanford)
Spring 2008 - Machine Structures (CS61C at Cal)
Spring 2007 - Intro to Microelectronic Circuits (EE100 at Cal)
Fall 2006 - Machine Structures (CS61C at Cal)

Research Interests

I am interested in computational photography, human computer interaction, and human perception.

Other Interests

I enjoy playing games of various kinds. Indoor rock climbing is my preferred sport. I also enjoy the occasional backpacking trip.