CS348a Class Schedule, Fall Quarter '09-'10

Below are the key dates for the class.


September 21
September 23

Class Introduction; Homogeneous Coordinates; The Projective Plane

Read: N08, N15, N16; Chapters 1 and 2 of Stolfi's thesis

Oriented Projective Geometry; Euclidean and Affine Transformations

Read: N09, N11

September 28
September 30

Affine/Projective Transformations and their Matrix Representations [Guest Lecture]

Read: N09, N11

Quaternions [Guest Lecture]

Homework 1 out

Read: N12, N13, N17

October 5
October 7

Shape Modeling: Parametric and Implicit; Classification of Parametric Cubics.

Read: N18 (Section 5), N19, N20

Polar Forms


Read: N19, N20, N21

October 12
October 14

Basic Differential Geometry; Curvature [Guest Lecture]


Read: Miri Ben-Chen Slides1

Derivatives and Polar Forms; Continuity Constraints

Homework 1 due; Homework 2 out

Read: N22, N23, N24, N27

October 19
October 21

Splines and B-Splines

Read: N22, N23, N24, N27

Subdivision Curves

Read: Siggraph 99 Notes

October 26
October 28

Rational Curves

Read: N25

Tensor-Product and Total Degree Surfaces

Homework 2 due; Homework 3 out

Read: N25, N26

November 2
November 4

Triangle Meshes and their Representation; the Quad-Edge Data Structure

Read: N30, N31

B-spline and Subdivision Surfaces [Guest Lecture]

Project (Homework 4) out

Read: Miri Ben-Chen Slides2

November 9
November 11

In-class Midterm

Solid Models; BSPs and their Uses

Homework 3 due


November 16
November 18

Intro to Geometry Processing; Smoothing and Remeshing

Read: Slides3

Mesh Simplification

Read: L08, L12, L13, L15

November 23
November 25

No class; Thanksgiving recess

No class; Thanksgiving recess

November 30
December 2

Mesh Parametrization


Class Wrap-Up

Project due