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The Stanford StoogeBot

A Stanford Graphics Quake Project Release

Network and Proxy Development Kekoa Proudfoot
Primary Bot AI, Visualization Matthew Eldridge
Secondary AI, Production Design, Web Monkey Craig Kolb
Quake C, Server Deity Joel Baxter
Brainstorming Matt Pharr
Playtesting Maneesh Agrawala
James Davis
John Owens
Gordon Stoll
Moe.3s' Hair by Tupperware
Curly.3s' Hair by Electro-Buf
Plausible Deniability Pat Hanrahan
Catering Prancing Pony

Developed Entirely on Location in Palo Alto, California.

When in Cyberspace, visit the StoogeBot Homepage:

The producers gratefully thank id Software, Clan 9 From Outer Space, Nat Friedman, and the inhabitants of the Stanford Computer Graphics Laboratory for their inspiration and assistance.