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Be The StoogeBot

How to Use Stooge Zen for More Frags

Using the StoogeBot for automated fire control is no great trick; driving the StoogeBot around like a truck can be an effective relaxation technique. However, to maximize your frag rate, the following tips for exploiting the Stooge's strengths and minimizing its weaknesses will come in handy.

Know your priorities.

As with normal quake play, your first priority is to think: Navigate deftly, search out powerups, weapons, and health, move erratically and dodge to avoid damage, plan ahead, and act strategically. All of this will help keep you alive; the longer you live, the more frags the Stooge will accumulate. Any advantage gained by being healthier, more armored, or more armed than your opponents are magnified by the StoogeBot. Your second priority is appropriate weapon selection. Lastly, concern for manually attacking someone or reconfiguring the stooge are important in specific situations.

Dial in your latency.

Nothing will improve the Stoogebot's performance more than a proper latency setting. If your shots tend to lead your targets, decreate the latency setting. If shots are trailing your victims, increase it. Watch the gibs fly.

Find Low, Consistent Ping.

If your connection to the server is slow or jerky, the StoogeBot will not be happy. The basic rule here is that if the game is hard to play without the bot, it will be hard to play if you are Stooge-enhanced, since it is harder to predict player motion in such situations.

Get the Lightning Gun.

The lightning gun is by far the Stooge's best weapon, as long as you remember to switch to some other weapon for targets outside of the LG's range. However, remember that the Stooge will not usually fire the LG underwater. You may, of course, fire it manually, or disable the safety using the StoogeBot Options menu.

Use the Rocket Launcher wisely.

The RL is a great medium range weapon, but very long range RL shots are less likely to hit their targets based purely on motion prediction. Be especially cautious using the Quad Rocket Launcher. If you feel you should be using the RL in a closed-in area, move in simple patterns so that the Stooge won't mispredict your motion and accidentally fire into a nearby wall, and action which can result in more self-inflicted blast damage than you've indicated via the splash threshold setting.

Almost any weapon is better at close range than the RL unless you are incredibly healthy and willing to waste some of that health. Remember that when the Stooge is firing a wimpier weapon at someone nearby, every one of those shots is on target, which adds adds up quickly. (Especially when that "wimpier weapon" is the Haste Quad Super Shotgun. Mwuhahahahaaaa...) The StoogeBot is currently not aware when you pick up a Strength or other damage-increasing rune; in such cases, you might want to manually increase the splash damage setting in the Options menu.

Seek out targets.

Find locations where you can target the maximum number of players, which usually means more open areas. If you're in a cul-de-sac or hiding under some ledge, you are only restricting your potential targets. If you're healthy and well-armored, get in the thick of things. Being out in the open is preferable with many of the weapons because they have the if-you-can-see-it-you-can-shoot-it property. While this isn't true for the RL, open spaces are often preferable because you have less chance of hurting yourself.

Don't forget that you can shoot, too.

Although this is usually a low priority, in certain situations it becomes important, like attacking a flag carrier, or defensive fire against a Quadded player. Left to its own devices the Stooge may not make the best tactical decision about who to attack. When you fire at someone, this instructs the Stooge to retarget on that person for future attacks.