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Download The StoogeBot

Invite The StoogeBot Into Your Home

In order to run the StoogeBot, you will first need the registered version of Quake from id Software.

The StoogeBot requires 2-3 MB of RAM and a relatively small amount of CPU power while running.

You can run the StoogeBot on any machine that can communicate via TCP/IP with both your client and the Quake server you wish to play on.

If your computer has enough memory and is reasonably fast, you should be able to run your Quake client and the StoogeBot on your machine at the same time. We have simultaneously run Quake and the Stooge on 120MHz Pentium systems with no apparent loss of performance.

We have received reports telling us that running WinQuake and the StoogeBot on the same computer at the same time causes a significant loss in performance. If you must run Quake and the StoogeBot on the same machine, try not to use WinQuake.

Download Version 1.0 of the StoogeBot

The README file from the release is availble here.

Windows 95 and Windows NT

Download winstoog.zip


Download linstooge.tar.gz

Silicon Graphics Irix 6.X

Download sgistooge.tar.gz