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Quake Bot Resources

Quake Technical Information

QuakeBot Specifications
A nice handbook on what it takes to get a client-side bot up and running. We only wish this was available when we started.
Quake Developer's Page
Tons of information about Quake, from making levels, to parsing demo files.
Unofficial Quake Network Protocol Specs v1.01b
More help on decoding the network protocol, and talking it on your own.
The Unofficial DEM Format Description
Information about the message structure of server-to-client network packets. Without these specs, the StoogeBot and the Demo Proxy would not have been possible.

Other Client-Side Bots

There are a number of other QuakeBot projects out there. Here are pointers to some of them. If you know of others we should have links to, drop us a note.

Stomped has a page devoted to QuakeBots which provides pointer to all sorts of QuakeBot information.
Mike Warren is developing an autonomous (computer-"driven") client-side bot.
Jim Rorie and John Simmerman have built their own client-side bot.
From the developer of the Unofficial QuakeSpecs, a bot with both a fully automatic mode, and a runner/gunner mode.
Clan Æsir's client-side pal.
LAIR of the quakeBot
In addition to the mikeBot project, Mike Warren provides some good information on QuakeBots, and in particular has the exceptionally good taste to comment on the StoogeBot.
JavaBot Home Page
Info about a bot written entirely in Java, by Ben Swartlander.