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StoogeBot Demos

Watch Those Gibs Fly

Victim View Demos

Check out the StoogeBot from the victims point of view in this demo.

The server was configured for teammode play, and we are both the same color, however Curly hasn't been apprised of the situation, so he does his level best to kill us.

We start out in the "Abandoned Base", waiting around for Curly.3S to wake up and join the game. Finally Curly shows up, and we start chasing him up the spiral staircase to the red armor. Curly faces us the whole way up the stairs, shooting like a madman. The demo was recorded in teamplay mode so we wouldn't immediately die. We then follow Curly out as he picks up the rocket launcher, preparing to make short work of us. Watch carefully what happens we jump in the water to avoid him. As soon as we pop our head up, he whips around and shoots a rocket right into us.

Driver and Stooge View Demos

The demo proxy was used to record both the client's point of view (the Curly driver) as well as Curly's point of view in this pair of demos. driver2.dem is the client's point of view, stooge2.dem is Curly's point of view.

You ain't seen nothin' till you've seen Curly rack up 50 frags at 20 frags a minute. By the way, he only dies once...