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Graphics Lab Administrative Procedures


The information on this page was put together by Heather and Ada in an effort to clarify common administrative procedures in the Graphics Lab.

Our contact information is:

Heather Gentner
Stanford University
Gates Building 3B-368
Stanford, CA 94305

Ada Glucksman
Stanford University
Gates Building 3B-368
Stanford, CA 94305

3B Pantry (Gates 380)

First things first: This is a common area and should be treated like one. You need to pick up after yourselves.
If water splashes out of the sink while you are using it, clean it up!
Cover your food when using the microwave. There is saran wrap located in one of the drawers.
If you leave lunch leftovers on the counter be sure to come back at the end of the day to throw it out!!

If you wish to use the refrigerator, you need to keep a few things in mind...
The refrigerator is meant for temporary storage of food (i.e. today's lunch).
It should not be used to store this week's groceries.
All items should be labeled with your name and the date.
Food should be stored in airtight containers (i.e. not paper chinese cartons)
If you put something in there that will expire (milk, cheese, raw chicken...), remember to come back to throw it out!
Lastly, if you see something in the refrigerator that is noticably rotting, moldy, or smelly, please feel free to toss it!

There are some medical supplies located in the cabinet marked First Aid above the sink. Heather and Ada have a small supply of Tylenol and Motrin in their office.
These items are meant to be used while at Stanford, and are NOT for your personal use at home.

We keep a supply of coffee, and tea (when it's available) in the pantry.
Again, these are meant for your enjoyment at Stanford, and should not be brought home.

If you notice we are out of something, or if you use the last of something, please come tell Heather or Ada in Room 368.
But, please be sure to check all the drawers and cabinets before coming to us.

It is not our policy to keep a supply of spoons, knives, and forks on hand. There may be times when we have some left over, in which case you may get lucky.

If the Brita needs to be replaced you should send a message to Fixit [].

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